The U

I’m still getting this set up, but here’s the first entry.

The University of Miami has been thrown under the bus. Shapiro is nothing more than a punk; who got locked up and suddenly he wants to run his mouth because he realized he’s not really friends with these people he bought hookers for.
As a school booster you have a certain responsibility to the team, to not let things that break the rules go to the public. Uncle Luke would have never thought of going to the press and saying he did the things for the players that he did. Every other school’s boosters don’t either, Miami is not the only school.

Now, if I were the president of the NCAA I’d institute a policy that removes all players from the team that can 100% be traced back to an issue that is more than just a party. In addition to losing those players you lose their scholarships, so 12 players broke the rules you lose 12 scholarships Jr./Sr. players result in losing that scholarship for 2 years while Fr./So. players result in a full 4 year loss of that spot. Which if you think of the complications it would bring on a program is pretty big. Here’s the kicker, suspend the coach from the NCAA for 4 years, and remove the school’s president and A.D. if they want to continue to be a NCAA program. When the issue spans across 3 years and 10 players it’s a huge issue; 10 years is beyond ridiculous. These procedures would cause all schools to be on top of students.

If student athletes got a fair wage it would offset this garbage. I go to a public school in Florida where my full time enrollment only cost me about $4,000 (I understand private schools cost more). We’re paying kids $4,000 a year to play football that’s a joke considering once you get hit wrong you don’t even get the school for free. These Universities make millions off kids who don’t get to see any of that. I believe a player wage cap should be made as well where players can gain employment with whomever they can, booster, alumni or regular company as long as their pay isn’t inflated more than the other employees who do the exact same job.

My final thought is this, I work 22-25 hours a week and go to college full time. I hardly have enough time to do all that. How can we expect someone to go to school, practice, play games, and work? The college football landscape needs to change an all inclusive meal plan, housing, and scholarships still don’t make up 10% of the money the star QB brings in. Give the students better benefits and then these “boosters” will be out of the spot light. Don’t just punish the players, punish the schools administration and coaching staff.


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