The UFC and FOX just announced a 7 year deal; putting the UFC on Fox, FX, Fuel.

Fox will carry 4 main cards a year on the big network the first of which is Nov. 12. These cards will be PPV worthy events that are given free to the public.
Fuel will carry Pre and Post fight shows, as well as other programming just as best of shows and Prelims that previously aired on Spike TV.
Last but not least FX the big winner will receive  32 live events. 24 will be The Ultimate Fighter which will now have live fights as picked by the fans. The other 6 will be Ultimate Fight Night cards, all of this material preciously aired on Spike TV.

Now for my thoughts, it’s unbelievable. The UFC has a solid home on networks that bring in so much already. Production is bound to change somewhat and it will be for the better of the promotion. Live Ultimate Fighter is going to update the long stale series and give all fans something to do on Friday nights; but it’s also a swift kick to Bellator who’s current tournament format is no where near as interactive or competitive. As a NASCAR fan I can tell you the great lengths Fox has gone through to up their production and how much it has helped the sport. The UFC won big today, but so did FOX this relationship set for 7 years will undoubtedly end up going much longer.


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