Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick is coming to NASCAR, the news will be official next week.

Current rumors have Danica coming in to race a full Nationwide series schedule in 2012 for Jr. Motorsports, as well as a part time Sprint Cup schedule with Stewart-Hass Racing.
Danica is a polarizing figure in racing but, not because of her ability.  She’s an attractive girl who knows more about cars than most guys and that alone makes her a marketing machine. Her lack of victories in the IRL has more than likely prompted the change in series. In the Nationwide series she’s almost sure to be in the top 10 in points next year, due to the new rules NASCAR has on points. I’m boldly predicting she will win a race next year for sure, if not this year on the remaining races in her part time series schedule.

If you were to ask me before the July race at Daytona I would have told you Danica is a joke, just a ploy to bring in the Go Daddy money. After seeing that in person and listening to her radio I am convinced that she can actually figure it out sooner than she could in Indy Car. NASCAR fans get ready for a lot of Danica reporting from every time she places higher and higher breaking her own record, to every time she cries about something and it’s pointed out that she’s in fact a woman. NASCAR needs her as much as she needs them, and the Nationwide series might actually sell some tickets next season; here’s to hoping a great series stays alive.


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