Rampage Jackson

I never thought I’d say that I’m a fan of Rampage. That changed slightly with me rooting for him against Jon Jones, just because he’s clearly trying to get out of a fight with Rashad Evans. Now, Jones’ management has planted a spy in Rampage’s camp; this move it utterly ridiculous why can’t two “teams” train on their own with the information that is public to everyone and then meet up and fight fair?

I have to hand it to Rampage on this one, fake an injury and wait for UFC Matchmaker Joe Silva to come inquiring about the injury. Jones’ camp should be ashamed that they not only spied on Rampage, but were stupid enough to call and say they had information about an opponent. Here’s to hoping Rampage forgets just for a second he’s no longer in Pride and delivers a nasty head kick to the World Champion of Cheap Moves. I thought this was MMA not WWE, get with it.


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