The KHL club Lokomotiv was involved in a plane crash today, leaving 43 people dead.
Recent deaths in hockey have been body related or suicides, and have been at an amount in the last couple of weeks that has shocked the community. Today Russia and the United States morn together what perhaps could only be equated with the likes of the Marshall football team’s plane crash in 1970. Many former NHL players were part of the team which lost their entire starting roster, some younger players and most of their coaching and training staff today. Sadly, this news really has no upside as of yet.

I am hopeful that NHL officials will reach out and contact KHL officials to try to help these families, maybe make a partnership with EA Sports to get KHL teams in the game for Downloadable Content that can be sold with all proceeds going to these families. The lower tier players weren’t paid as highly as they are in America and are bound to have left families that will struggle to get by without them. The hockey community is shaken up at the moment and while we try to wrap our heads around this tragedy, the real energy needs to go into helping the families somehow on a level that can actually be effective. Here’s to hoping someone steps to the plate and makes some waves between America and the KHL.

Hockey is a brutal game, but off the ice the guys are usually the nicest people you could ever meet. Our community is shaken to it’s core right now; let’s just hope this doesn’t get swept away because it’s football season.


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