UFC 136 Picks

MAIN CARD (Pay-per-view)
Champ Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard (for lightweight title)
I believe Gray won the last fight, I believe Gray will win this fight. He will put Frankie to sleep if he gets a chance this time. If not he won’t gas and will be ready for Edgar’s wrestling.

Champ Jose Aldo vs. Kenny Florian (for featherweight title)
Aldo should win easily. Florian has great skills but I haven’t seen anyone test Aldo ever. If Aldo has a rough weight cut then Florian will take advantage and pick up the win.

Chael Sonnen vs. Brian Stann
Stann has the knockout power, but Sonnen can avoid that and win with wrestling. Sonnen only loses if he does something dumb and let’s Stann get a clean punch in.

Melvin Guillard vs. Joe Lauzon
Gulliard, he’s on a tear through the division I feel bad because Luazon is a great fighter who just got handed the wrong fight.

Leonard Garcia vs. Nam Phan
Phan will win the fight, but the judges will more than likely give it to Garcia. The judges always give it to Garcia. Honestly I don’t even have a pick because of this.

Demian Maia vs. Jorge Santiago
I think Santiago is back, and Maia is declining Santiago should finish this fight as the last second lead in to buy the PPV portion.

Anthony Pettis vs. Jeremy Stephens
This pick is based off the fact that I want Pettis out of the lightweight division in the UFC. Stephens.


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