Playing Joe Silva After UFC 136

If Edgar stays at 155 and Aldo doesn’t move up to 155 then I say Edgar is more than likely facing the winner of Guida v. Henderson or Cerrone v. Siver. The winner of either of these deserves a title shot. Of course if UFC brings in Strikeforce champion Melendez; they’ll probably go straight for the title unification.

Maynard v. Pettis  seems to be a very interesting match-up to make but I wouldn’t mind seeing Gulliard v. Maynard that would be explosive.

Aldo should get Mendes next but if Aldo or Edgar change weight classes then that’s the clear match to make.

Florian needs to reassess his career and pick a weight to stay at for a while. If he choses 145 I say Phan

Sonnen v. Silva for the title, forget the loser leaves stuff. That match needs to be made again Silva has no real competition besides Sonnen and Dan Henderson really looked rough the last time he cut to 185 I’d rather see him stay at 205 and end there.

Stann will be on hold until the middleweight division shakes out a little bit. I wouldn’t try to predict his next match for a couple months. Maybe Maia.

Garcia v. anyone really just put him in the cage and let him punch his way out of it.

Lauzon v. the winner of Guida v. Henderson or Cerrone v. Siver whichever doesn’t get the title shot.


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