Really ESPN?

When LSU and Alabama face off everyone around the country besides S.E.C. fans will be angry, upset, and may not even tune in. I already watched a great display of defense this year between these two teams in a game that for all intensive purposes was less than thrilling. LSU won and shouldn’t play a team in the same division of their conference in the National Title game that’s a fact. Give another one loss team a shot.

The real gripe here is I’m watching ESPN and a commentator just said the worst cliche ever “It’s hard to beat a good team twice.” How on Earth does it make any sense to give the team who lost the upper hand because they lost? I get people think that for some strange reason you can’t beat a football team twice in a season; I guess the NFL is a concept they have never heard of. So ignoring the fact that Oklahoma State should be playing with their only loss coming on the day very important people in their University suffered untimely deaths regardless of who they lost to. How can LSU be the underdog in anyone’s eyes?

I’m not saying Alabama isn’t going to have a chance, or that LSU should be a lock to win; but give the team their credit they deserve for winning don’t build up the game with manufactured opinions that the network wants on air because they’re carrying the game. The Mothership needs to do themselves a favor and be real with the fans. We’re not 8 years old anymore. Dunks are not the top play, your outlandish comments hold no weight, and just because you tell me a game between FAMU and USC is going to be a good test for the beginning of the season, doesn’t mean we’re listening.


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