The Aftermath:UFC 141

Brock Lesnar’s next fight will be at Wrestlemaina, while I have no official word it’s a lot of money to pass up.

Alistair Overeem gets a title shot next but there is no approximate date for that bout, all of this only happens if he can pass the two drug tests he has coming up. I think he will because he’d be an idiot to take drugs while he knows he’s in a testing window and has no fight lined up.

Nate Diaz had a great first and third round against Donald Cerrone. He should get a fight against the winner of Joe Lauzon V. Antony Pettis, meanwhile I think Melvin Guillard V. Jim Miller’s winner and Donald Cerrone would make for one hell of a fight.  Cowboy looked to be at his absolute worst last night and it wasn’t because Diaz was so much better, he simply fought in a way I’ve never seen him fight before. Diaz is still overrated and will probably lose in his never ending 2 steps forward 2 steps back approach at fighting seriously.

Jonny Hendricks was outstanding, quick K.O. doing dip at the post fight press conference just in his element. When you beat the #2 welterweight in the world there’s only one place to go, Georges St.Pierre but since G.S.P. is out Jonny might find himself fighting for the interim title if there is minimal damage to Condit, or Diaz and there is still a long layoff before G.S.P. comes back.

Jon Fitch is one of my favorite fighters because I love wrestling. Honestly though, the UFC hates his style because he is so dominate on the ground that he pretty much just suffocates his opponent. I wouldn’t be surprised to find Jon in Strikeforce taking out the trash, I believe that he would be the welterweight and middleweight champion over there at the same time.

Alexander Gustafsson passed Valdimir “The Gate Keeper” Matyushenko via TKO in the first round, I have no idea who could be next for him. He deserves a fight in his home country that’s for sure, but he’s reached a level of competition where everyone is tied up. Lyoto seems to be the guy to beat for an easy title shot, maybe Shogun will be a good opponent. I don’t think Alexander is going to get a title shot soon because Rashad Evans, Phil Davis, and Dan Henderson all stand in line waiting for a shot at Jon Jones. As for Vlad, we have to see who is the next guy trying to break through.

Jim Hettes was amazing. I say give him Chan-Sung Jung he’s ready. Jim Hettes is by far the best young prospect on the ground in the division and has the standing game to force the fight into his element. Nam Phan on the other hand, needs a change. He got tooled last night. He’s lost 2 of 3 in his most recent fights this could be another Strikeforce transplant if he goes back to 155.

That was the last time for 7 years we had live UFC on Spike TV. Next year there will be no dealing with Facebook lag during crucial fight points of the undercard because they will all be televised through FX or Fuel TV it’s an exciting year to be a MMA fan. I just hope we don’t get too many fights, after a while we’re going to tap the keg dry. There’s a reason why most professional leagues sports aren’t year round and every weekend; fans need to miss it when it’s gone.


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