Best of 2011


5. Rise of the Planet of the Apes (Great visually.)
4. Super (Kevin Bacon’s finest performance.)
3. Warrior (Great acting and fighting with Bane.)
2. X-Men: First Class (I am going to count to three and I’m going to move the coin.)
1. Drive (Let’s just say that Ryan Gosling should be the sexiest man alive.)


5. Dexter (Just when you fall in love with your brother, you find out he’s a serial killer.)
4. Modern Family (Always funny.)
3. Boardwalk Empire (Well, it was good until that last episode.)
2. Shameless (Goku and Bulma finally hooking up.)
1. Game of Thrones (Dragons…)

Video Games:

5. Dirt 3 (Played through a lot of career mode.)
4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Multi-player still owns.)
3. Uncharted 3 (Best movie in game form.)
2. Batman: Arkham City (It’s Heath Ledger all over again.)
1. Skyrim (How do I say this…dragons. Fucking dragons.)


3.AMC (The Walking Dead and Mad Men.)
2. Showtime (Shameless, Dexter, Strikeforce, and Indie Movies.)
1.HBO (Game of Thrones, HBOGO, all the shows they canceled last month.)

What To Watch 2012:

5. True Blood (Season 5: Russell Edgington cometh for your babies!)
4. The Amazing Spider-Man (“500 Days of Summer” director and Emma Stone.)
3. The Dark Knight Rises (A paraplegic Christian Bale.)
2. The Avengers (It’s the fucking Avengers for God’s sake.)
1. Game of Thrones: Season 2 AND Shameless: Season 2 (They’re wicked awesome.)

What NOT To Watch:

5 – 1. Boardwalk Empire: Season 3 (Jimmy’s dead…end of show. That’s what happens when you rewrite the series by the 9th episode just for shock value.)

Best Sporting Event:

5. BCS National Championship, Although I hate the idea of picking a champion this way the game always is big, I think it’s bigger than the Super Bowl.
4. Daytona 500, This one was special to me considering I met Trevor Bayne before he went out and won the race. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer kid.
3. Michigan v. Ohio State, Michigan won for the first time in 7 years. There is something special going on in Ann Arbor.
2. Stanley Cup Finals, Boston brought the cup back to a city that deserved a hockey title again.
1. Ford 400, Tony Stewart wins his third title in a closely contested final couple races with Carl Edwards.

Memorable Moment:

5. Drew Brees breaks Dan Marino’s pass yards in a season record.
4. Joe Paterno getting fired over the Jerry Sandusky rape charges.
3. Trevor Bayne winning the Daytona 500.
2. Tony Stewart wins the Sprint Cup Title and breaks Jimmie Johnson’s 5 season streak.
1. Michigan beating Ohio State

Top 5 Drivers (NASCAR):

5. Carl Edwards
4. Justin Allger
3. Kyle Busch
2. Kevin Harvick
1. Tony Stewart

Top 5 Players (Football):

5. Demarco Murray
4. Tryon Matthieu
3. Sebastian Janikowski
2. Aaron Rodgers
1. Robert Griffin III

Exciting Fighters:

5. Jake Ellenberger
4. Donald Cerrone
3. Jon Jones
2. Dan Henderson
1. Junior dos Santos

Who to Watch Award:

5. Matt Flynn

Flynn was a standout at L.S.U. and never got a shot being behind Aaron Rodgers, however today he was given the start and broke the Green Bay Packers passing yards in a game record. I’ve always thought he would be an elite Quarterback; yes before this game.

4. Kyle Busch Motorsports

If all rumors are true Kyle has his brother driving his new Nationwide car and Jason Leffler driving his truck team. Both of these drivers will do great in their new ride.

3. Demarco Murray

Murray will be back after the ankle heals up, he was a rookie on a mission to prove he is the next Emitt Smith. I believe he is the future of the franchise along with Dez Bryant.

2. Andrew Luck

Luck will most likely be drafted by the Colts in the upcoming draft and won’t play if Manning stays in town. However if Luck is drafted by another team or Manning is let go he will be a starter next year.

1. Austin Dillion.

Austin is moving up in competition going to race in the Nationwide Series for Richard Childress Racing. He has the talent to be a champion in the Series in his first year. Be on the lookout.

This post was a joint effort between Charles and Jon.


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