C.M. Punk & Chael Sonnen, Killswitch Engage

The rumor is Chael Sonnen will be walked out to the cage with WWE star C.M. Punk as a member of the entourage when he fights Mark Munoz on Jan. 28th on UFC on Fox 2. Punk is a native of Chicago and Sonnen is hoping to bring a following that roots for him during the fight from this stunt. I can’t imagine Dana White would be thrilled by mixing the two sports on such a big stage, especially with the confusion of real v. fake already.

In related news ex C.M. Punk theme music providers, Killswitch Engage vocalist Howard Jones left the band in a move that didn’t come as a shock to anyone who follows them.  He has been missing in action for quite some time and has been dealing with personal battles which will not be disclosed. Killswitch Engage was my favorite metal band until their last album, here’s hoping for a return to screaming and singing with a new guy or perhaps with Jesse Leach back at the helm.


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