Suggestions: Dallas Cowboys

I’m going to write about what I think Dallas should change, comments would be appreciated on what you want from your team.

Dallas needs a GM but that’ll never happen. So let’s switch over to on the field, Secondary. It’s simple the team is horrible and should quite frankly get rid of everyone they have besides the starters and that’s just to give competition to the new guys. The defensive line is solid as is the linebacker core, Sean Lee is a stud who might make DeMarcus Ware look pedestrian soon; but that’s not the issue. I honestly believe that a team from the ACC could throw all over the Cowboys’ secondary, they’re out of place on most places and couldn’t tackle to save their lives; I’m looking at you Terrance “Hurdle” Newman.

Now for the offensive side of the ball, receivers are great, backs are great and that’s about it. The line needs a shake up, I think maybe drafting a center would help since Dallas’ centers with Romo have been terrible, but maybe that says more about Romo? Tony Romo is not a great Quarterback, he’s not a good Quarterback, he’s just who Jerry Jones decided to pay the most as a reward for blowing playoff games. It’s hard to understand how someone who throws so many interceptions or bad passes in crucial moments gets so much love from reporters. Maybe I just remember Troy to Michael and really think that Tony to Dez, Miles, or Laurent shouldn’t be that hard of a feat to accomplish when they are wide open?

Recap: Get a secondary, Offensive line, and Quaterback. Create competition, and it’ll never happen but trying a GM could work.


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