The Aftermath:Daytona Testing

As a fan who was at the 500 last year I don’t understand NASCAR, they want to gain fans but they are openly tampering with a race. If people didn’t already think it was fixed with the questionable caution flags they sure as hell will now. This is a terrible move, I don’t know why people don’t love the two car draft; watching your guy fall back to last place then move up back to first in a matter of two laps is pretty exciting.

But I don’t matter to NASCAR because I’ve been a fan since I was born. Nationwide is more exciting to watch anyway, when NASCAR figures that out I wonder if they change the cars around. This is a joke for any professional sport; the NFL doesn’t tell teams they can’t play a certain style of football why is NASCAR regulating the style of race that we will see? NASCAR officials need to get a clue and understand that in all these efforts to gain new fans they’ve been losing old ones. There is no reason to change cars around so they blow up if they aren’t racing in the style they want to see. This is a sport that has TV contract talks upcoming, the last thing they need is a controversial issue on their hands. Let the cars be how they are season round, besides the restrictor plate, last year the Daytona races were incredible, both in person and on television; no need to change that.


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