Super Bowl Weekend Picks

We all know the big game is Sunday, and if you live outside New York or ever have come in contact with a New York sports fan you’re rooting for New England to win. Tommy Brady, yes formerly of Michigan, the best school for athletics ever will make that happen for all of us. As a Cowboys fan I hope New England pulls this one off, and as a Michigan supporter I had to make a pick Manningham or Brady, and let’s be honest Brady is more essential to Michigan Alum status because he brings Brazilian Super Models and Uggs (also I hate the Giants, if you missed that).

UFC 143 takes place Saturday Night on Pay Per View. Scotty Jorgensen should pick up a win over Renan Barao and put himself back on the map and in contention for another title shot.

Mike Pierce and Josh Koscheck will surely try to knock each other out to get that bonus, it should be a fun fight I can see Kos taking this one, but he hasn’t fought in a while and Pierce is a really streaky fighter, if you’re a betting man I’d skip this one.

Roy Nelson should easily handle Fabricio Werdum his ground game is just as good and his chin has stood up to much better strikers than Fabricio. I expect a knockout in this one. We still don’t know how much Roy really weighs now and if he’s still been dieting then he could look like a much different fighter Saturday night.

The Welterweight Interim Title is on the line when Nick Diaz fights Carlos Condit. It seems as if nobody is giving Condit a shot of his 27 wins he has finished 26 of the fights with a 50-50 split between knockout and submission. I truly believe that Carlos Condit will win this fight, I know everyone wants to see Diaz fight G.S.P. but Carlos is the biggest test for both of these guys because he punches with one punch knockout power along with his well rounded game. Nick Diaz is a good fighter but I don’t think he has fought anybody recently who is even half as good as Carlos Condit is, where as Condit has been tested time and time again. So Condit by knockout is my call for this fight.

Also weekend beer of choice is PBR because I’m a broke college student and 8 for $7 is a good deal. UFC meal will be chicken nachos. Before I go, UFC Undisputed 3 comes out 2-14 and in order to get Brian Stann, Nick Diaz, Jason Miller and Phil Davis are only available through a Game Stop pre-order, however if you order through Shop THQ you get a season pass which will feature all other DLC and other wise will cost you $17, but from the looks of it you’d miss out on those 4 fighters. Has all the info.


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