Aftermath : UFC 143

I’m not going to waste everyone’s time talking about the many one sided fights or bad judging. I think Renan Barao gets a title shot soon in the 135 division. Josh Koscheck should have gotten a point deduction and received a loss; but he’s probably getting a shot against a top level guy even though he can’t keep up with the top guys. Fabricio Werdum will more than likely get a match up with Cain Velasquez or Frank Mir to set up a number one contender spot. All their fights were lackluster due to domination by Werdum and Barao, and just overall boredom with Koscheck even if my favorite aspect of MMA is wrestling I will always find Koscheck’s style to be mediocre.

Carlos Condit absolutely picked Nick Diaz’s game plan apart by not engaging in the pocket for a stand up battle. The leg kicks and circling out while landing shots were executed perfectly all night to give Condit the decision and the Interim Welterweight Title. Diaz fans will complain that Condit wasn’t moving forward, but they’ll neglect to say when Nick had Carlos’ back against the cage he was unable to do anything to definitively win the fight. Nick Diaz “retired” after the fight, in a move that I personally hope sticks because the UFC doesn’t need his erratic behavior, fight style (which to me is more taunting than fighting), or overall negative influence in their company. Condit’s next fight is up in the air, as many are predicting G.S.P. will be out much longer than originally anticipated. Sadly, many people are already calling for an immediate rematch; Diaz didn’t do enough to demand a rematch, and both fighters could benefit greatly off an explosive win which fans have grown accustomed to.

The new PPV intro was elementary, it made the UFC look fake and as if a movie was about to be presented. In addition to the new intro, the placement of the new fight clock was in the middle of the camera shot many times and the unnecessary bar graphs during the fight could have easily been placed in between rounds instead of in the middle of them. Hopefully this will all be worked out by the next event, which I will more than likely be missing anyway due to being in Daytona for the NASCAR races that weekend.


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