Condit v. Diaz II?

Rumor is UFC brass are considering the rematch of last weekends Welterweight Interim title fight. This is on the heels of Diaz complaining about “baby leg kicks” being how you win in MMA and how he’s done with it in his now infamous “rage quit.” As a fan of MMA and someone who finds leg kicks to be on the same level as punches I had no problem with the decision at all. It seems fighters are split 60/40 in favor of the decision and UFC President Dana White was in favor of the decision.

If this rematch happens, it should be on FOX. Too many fans just paid a lot of money to feel they got ripped off. I think we got a great fight; so did everyone I was with. Personally, I would have Condit wait for G.S.P. and then have Diaz fight a top contender on the same card to set fans up for a a match between each winner. Condit’s manager has not responded to the claim that it’s been verbally agreed to, and Dana White is in Brazil working on TUF:Brazil which just started filming.


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