Homeland:Mini Review

I’m sitting at home prolonging my reading for class so I started to watch Homeland on demand. Homeland is a T.V. series on Showtime that won a few awards this year and after one episode I can see why. Claire Danes and Damian Lewis are great in a show that is well written with plenty of suspense. The first episode centers around a P.O.W. Marine coming back home after 8 years and an intelligence officer that has reason to believe he is aligned with the terrorists. Most times the angles would be overly predictable and some were, but that’s how you build a series. I will continue to watch the series and at my conclusion of season 1 I will post again about my thoughts then and if I’m sticking around for season 2. With a great start like this they’d have to do something stupid and kill the main guy for me to stop watching and this isn’t HBO so I think we’re safe.


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