UFC Undisputed 3 Review

The layout is simple, and very fluid. 10/10.

Game Play:
This year they really worked on stats and making fatigue matter as well. I fight on expert with simulation settings for all offline activity; and it’s true to form on how most guys would work in a fight. Ultimate mode however seems to be impossible with constant ground sweeps in a game that suddenly goes from a top-level MMA game to a Tekken MMA game.

Leg kicks=TKO (I’ve had 3) and body hits matter much more this year. I believe we can all thank EA MMA for making their simulation bars mean something, then THQ for stealing it. The new submission system is more than annoying with the huge graphic that covers up the fighters. In addition to the new system being intrusive it’s nearly impossible to lock on a submission in the first round no matter who you use. Lately I’ve been locking in some late 2nd round or 3rd round submissions but that’s after handing out a ton of damage. The clinch game is also improved this year in a system which is much more responsive than previous editions. 9/10

I’m 17 fights into my career mode and I won’t spoil anything for you because that’s messed up. I will tell you this, you have plenty of chances to change weight classes and you can stay in the WFA forever. Train at other camps as often as possible to expand your move set before you get tied down to one. If you’re playing on expert then I suggest staying around for a while and raising your stats before you take a 68 rated guy to fight Melvin Guillard. The mode is much less congested than last year and makes fighting in the mode fun again. Jon is further along in his career due to him picking beginner mode but is telling me how top-level guys even on the lowest setting are pretty difficult to beat. Overall the career mode is incredible so far and is my favorite MMA or Wrestling career I’ve ever played. 10/10

Title Mode:
This was by far my favorite surprise of the game. You have to fight through the ranks and can only lose 3 times before your shot at winning is over. There is no set next opponent and some wins jump you 3 spots in the rankings while some only move above the guy you beat. I liked playing this mode last year but now I love it, 3 losses and you’re done is pressure to perform like no other. My only negative is the randomness of not knowing who you fight next. Do yourself a favor and fight it honestly, if you lose thrice then give up and start a new one don’t exit out and go back in, cheaters. 9/10

I’ve never played much online for any game. But these servers are terrible, the lost my fight camp name and trying to invite my friends to join my camp is nearly impossible because that section of the servers constantly crashes. The people I’m playing online are the most annoying; I’m spoiled with friends who really understand how MMA works and true game plans in a fight so I’m not used to 11-year-old kids picking Jon Jones each and every fight and trying to spinning back fist me into hell. Good news is they clearly have no idea what a clinch take down into side control is so I keep winning in the first round; I’m not happy with that though as I hate ending every fight in 1:30 no matter who wins. Our fight camp here at twobrokestudents is 3brokestudents or 3BS, which consists of Myself (Charles), Jon, and our friend Ivan. I’ve only managed to get 2-3 ranked matches in a row without losing the server, but playing in a friend match works much better. Until the fix their servers I can’t really be honest by ranking this highly. 6/10

There’s plenty of fighters on the roster but some big name guys are either not there at all, or they are in ridiculous DLC packages. Also DLC guys have glitches in commentary for certain modes and are unable to use in career modes. THQ needs to patch that up and offer some sort of ratings updates based off recent fights. I haven’t used every fighter in the game but I am sure there are some guys who are severely under rated and severely over rated. What we need more as fans than as video game players is for THQ to sit down with Joe Silva and Dana white and go “Who do we need?” because there’s plenty of rising stars who will not be in the DLC packs mentioned. So far the 10 guys announced still leave out top-level guys like Jake Ellenberger, who might just face Carlos Condit for the interim welterweight title next. 8/10

UFC Undisputed 3 is the best MMA game out right now. While some things like the roster and online have huge gaps, career and title mode make up for it. The game play is phenomenal for people who actually understand the multiple facets of MMA; and for people who have no idea you can use the Tekken settings to enjoy a great fighting game. I say it’s a must buy for fans of fighting games or MMA and since we know there is no game next year the $60 price tag is worth it. 9/10


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