Ridiculous NASCAR Penalty

Jimmie Johnson has been docked 25 points, effectively putting him in the negative. Also Chad Knaus has been fined $100,000 and has been suspended for 6 races with Ron Malec the car chief. This is utterly ridiculous as Johnson’s car never touched the track. I am not a fan of Jimmie at all but I believe NASCAR needs to realize that they inspect cars pre-race so that they can ensure nothing illegal happens. Johnson’s car never gained an advantage on track and never actually did anything illegal. NASCAR’s penalty is going to be appealed by Hendrick and with any sense of rationality it will be overturned. NASCAR needs to stop punishing people for trying to create better cars, that’s the point of racing and hiring all these engineers isn’t it? Either way Johnson’s team got screwed because they were doing something NASCAR legends are loved for, making their cars as good as possible. The rules shouldn’t apply to a car that never even ran a practice lap.


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