21 Jump Street Review

Today I got invited to a test screening for 21 Jump Street and was more impressed than I thought I’d be.

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are a pretty funny combination, which was unexpected. Tatum was funnier than Hill which is something I didn’t think I’d say two years ago, but it’s true. But if I’m being honest Rob Riggle steals the show for me, but he always does because I’m a huge fan.

Two lackluster police officers are sent to an undercover high school program, where they have to stop the drug dealers and the suppliers before the drugs spread to other schools. Over the course of the movie we are treated to highly predictable situations which are usually turned into mockeries of action movies. Action scenes are comical and great, character building scenes are done tastefully; and with curve balls thrown in quite often. If you’re looking to cry because The Vow was the best movie ever, go away.

The supporting cast of Brie Larson, DeRay Davis, Jake M. Johnson and Ice Cube were great casting decisions. However I feel anyone could have played Dave Franco’s character but I think that was a product of the script more so than his acting ability. Nobody in this film had to be a great actor, because after all it is a comedy film but the casting director did a great job at getting the right people to fill roles. Without them this movie could have gone from comedy film to spoof film very quickly.

For me 21 Jump Street had nothing to live up to because I never watched the original series and that probably worked in my benefit. The movie was funny 75% of the time and packed with action or comedy action the other times. There’s no doubt that if you are expecting the original series you’re going to be upset; but if you’re looking for some mindless fun with a decent story line then check out this movie! Guys the plus side is Channing Tatum pretty much puts your girlfriend in the seat next to you without complaining, so you can take her to a movie you want to see for once.

Overall I give 21 Jump Street a 9/10


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