This Friday night, The Ultimate Fighter gets a new name The Ultimate Fighter: LIVE. Along with the new name viewers will be treated to a brand new format with live fights every Friday night following an hour of in house and in camp drama from the previous six days. This season sees Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz face off as Urijah Faber as coaches of the Lightweights.

So set your DVR for Friday at 9 on FX, not Spike and their counter programming; FX. This Friday we’re being treated to 16 fights in which the winner of the two round affairs gain a spot in the house. TUF: Live will without a doubt add something extra and give people something to do together on Friday nights.

If your not a fan of change, then TUF: Brazil will start March 25th on UFC.com and Fuel TV. This will be old style TUF and everything is prerecorded. Brazil has a deep talent pool and will be sure to put people on the edge of their seats watching these fights. No other information has been released so far but I figured while we’re doing a TUF round up it’s worth the reminder.

Remember everyone, SPIKE no longer has access to new UFC content and will only be airing old stuff to counter program new events on other networks. UFC is not exclusively on the following channels in U.S.A. FOX, FX, Fuel, and PPV. If FOX doesn’t own the channel, the UFC isn’t live, or new.


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