Colts Cut Star Players

The Colts have cut more star players including Dallas Clark, Joesph Addai, and Gary Bracket. In addition to these players being cut stars like Reggie Wayne, Jeff Saturday, Pierre Garcon, and Ryan Diem are all free agents this season and will be looking to sign with other teams. In slightly old news the team is also looking to trade Dwight Freeney not because there’s too many “e’s” in his last name but because he’ll cost $19 million next year against the salary cap.

Peyton Manning was in Denver yesterday which is bad news for Miami because their QB options are now looking slim. I really believe that Peyton will take some of these recently cut players and free agents along with him wherever he ends up. His options are getting to be less and less though as today the New York Jets resigned Mark Sanchez.

Sources:Cut Players Yahoo Sports Manning in Denver YS


2 thoughts on “Colts Cut Star Players

  1. you put “today peyton manning was in denver yesterday” and idk. i know miami needs a qb, but ive always hated peyton manning and im not sure howd id feel about having him as the leader of my team. the dude is talented and i respect him for that though.

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