Rampage Jackson v. Shogun Rua

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has been very vocal about his displeasure for the pay he receives from the UFC in his last couple fights. Dana White announced today that his next fight will be with Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and then he will be granted his release. Lately Jackson has been under preforming and many fans say he doesn’t deserve a pay increase, be he insists that he deserves a percentage increase based off company growth. Personally I hope for a quick knockout by Rua which earns him knockout of the night to send Jackson into the minors. Jackson should only blame himself for his recent losing streak, not UFC matchmaking not fighting wrestlers, himself. It’s everyone’s responsibility to get better in their field, not to start bad mouthing everyone around you when you’re not up to potential. So in his last UFC fight Rampage will face off against Shogun, let’s hope there’s some fireworks.

Source:MMA Junkie


One thought on “Rampage Jackson v. Shogun Rua

  1. Glad we will see him one more time. Hope it is the real Quinton that shows up. Ps: Getting tired of him complaining, but still a fan 🙂

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