NFL Faces New Places

Dallas signed QB Kyle Orton and CB Brandon Carr today, I think these two bring a great deal of skill to the team. The secondary has been lacking for years, and let’s be honest Tony Romo isn’t the best in the NFL.

Vincent Jackson signed with Tampa Bay bringing a much-needed elite WR to Tampa for their under performing QB Josh Freeman.

Robert Meachem is the replacement in San Diego for Vincent Jackson, while a good WR he is still a step down.

Peyton Hillis signed with Kansas City to create an insane Running Back combination with Jamal Charles.

Laurent Robinson and Chad Henne signed with Jacksonville. Robinson proved to be a top-level WR last year in Dallas, but salary cap penalties made Dallas pass on re-signing him. Henne has potential with a great WR if he can out play Gabbert in camp.

Pierre Garcon and Josh Morgan are new WRs in Washington. They create a nice combination, and give them hope in the offense.

Martellus Bennett signed with the New York Giants. He’s never lived up to potential before so I don’t see why he will now.

For more signings go to Pro Football Talk


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