Frozen Four Day 1 Recap

Yesterday, we arrived to Tampa about 30 minutes before game time. Needless to say we walked right in, got our paper Bauer helmets and bought a program. Ferris State v. Union was a horrible display of hockey; bad passing, shooting form everywhere it was real elementary. Shot total for the game was in the 60s and it was still a boring game. After that game we bought very reasonably priced food from in the Forum due to being unable to leave and re enter. The second game Boston College v. Minnesota was electric. Boston College fans came out in full force and the team utterly dominated the game, which was still very fun to watch until the blowout began at in the third period. Minnesota’s coach must have no confidence in his other goalies because with only 14 shots on goal B.C. already had 3 goals and Minnesota’s goalie wasn’t ever changed.

Saturday’s final will be a great game Ferris States’ crowd was loud and if they can play better than last night they will be able to stay in competition with B.C. easily. Today I explore the Channelside Bay plaza for Unfrozen Friday, and hit up the Aquarium.


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