Frozen Four Recap

Yesterday was a day of travel and this morning I had classes so here is my review of the Frozen Four as a fan.

Tampa Bay Times Forum

Saturday’s game started at 7P.M. so before that there was supposed to be different “local” bands and activities to do on the concourse, that was all more than underwhelming. The bands were cover bands, and if you did each activity you could be done in under 40 minutes. Maybe it’s my influence from the world of NASCAR but there should have been more for the National Championship game. Needless to say once Ferris State came in through the red carpet we went to Channelside Bay Plaza to hang out, due to there being more to do and see in a normal plaza than at the game itself. The outside was fun while it lasted, but it ended quickly.

The game was great, and highly competitive which shocked a lot of people; but in the end Boston College were just too much. The Eagles were simply faster, better, and smarter during the game. Elementary things such as deflecting a hard shot into the zone was looking difficult for Ferris State and they couldn’t capitalize on the many penalties B.C. took. Boston College’s fans were electric during their celebration, and there was no gloating after as they were all congratulating Ferris State’s fans for their season as it was the best they’ve ever had. Another Frozen Four is on my to do list, and Tampa really did a great job but I feel like local awareness was very low. Locals seemed to have no idea that the National Championship was being played unless they worked in the area and were garnered with their “Welcome NCAA Fans” pin for their shirts.

Ferris State

Boston College was clearly the best team in the tournament and the nation, congratulations.

2012 Frozen Four Champs Boston College

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