Upcoming events

Of course we have the NHL playoffs nightly on NBC Sports Network, check your guide for which games will be on. In addition there are also games on CNBC and local affiliates if your home team is in the playoffs.

Friday Night: Bellator. Normally I’m not excited by Bellator, MMA – ground elbows + mediocre fighters = decision quite often. This Friday however we get to see Shinya Aoki fight Eddie Alvarez, anyone who is a fan of MMA should tune into MTV2 or stream on spike.com, it should be a great fight.

Saturday Night: UFC 146. Title fight between Jon Jones and Rashad Evans is the main event for the Pay Per View event; I will have a post on picks tomorrow after each fighter makes weight so I’m not wasting time on guys who miss.

So enjoy hockey while it lasts on television because once basketball gets into the playoffs I fear the coverage of the greatest team sport takes a major back seat to the worst team sport. I wish the NBA Lockout would have been a long one; then I wouldn’t have to watch guys who are 7″ jump a foot in the air and listen to everyone talk about how it’s incredible; it’s not he’s more than 9/10 of the way to the hoop already.


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