Hello South Florida

You can all sleep easy because the bandwagon for the heat is just pulling in! This area is by far the worst for professional sports, people who haven’t watched a hockey game since 1996 dragged out their starter jerseys and pretended like they were there all along. It was a good two weeks for ticket sales at the Bank Atlantic Center but New Jersey put it to an end in double overtime.

It’s only fitting that the Panthers were popular for a couple of weeks as the NBA season hasn’t produced many headlines in the area because with 2 of the top 10 players in the league, you better win regular season games. But the playoffs for them start very soon and now everyone will break out their LeBron jerseys because they’re cool right?

All this is happening while the Dolphins continue their downward spiral drafting Ryan Tannehill last night wasn’t necessarily a bad move but it’s puzzling because they had move obvious needs that could have been filled with a higher ranked prospect. At this rate if this franchise doesn’t move to L.A. I’d be surprised.

I’ve lived in South Florida a majority of my life and haven’t ever really liked a team from here because it wasn’t a family thing to like them so I made my own choices. These choices are made by who you see playing well, or by who does something cool that leaves an impression; and these three teams never really have (I never cared about basketball, still don’t but I’m a fan of certain players).

New Jersey put an end to the popularity of hockey in South Florida, hopefully for the Panthers it won’t take another 12 years to get that back.


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