Allmendinger Karting Scholarship

There’s a pretty nice write-up about A.J. Allmendiner’s Karting Scholarship which is being sponsored by Shell on eKarting News A young driver from Florida was selected which is pretty awesome to me considering my first sport was racing go karts and of course being from Florida.
There is no better racing than small paved oval or road course kart racing to me. Those are the types of tracks I learned on and wouldn’t trade it for anything. This is the time to develop talent into the future stars of NASCAR. I hope this scholarship lasts for a while because lack of funds is what stopped my racing life. Not tooting my horn because karts don’t have them, but thousands of kids each year have to stop racing at some level where they are absolute stars due to the high price of racing competitively; not because they aren’t talented. Anytime a kid gets a chance to continue on when they show talent in racing it’s a great thing. Thank A.J. and Shell for keeping the dreams of these talented kids alive.


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