Men in Black 3:

I can’t be the only one who thinks that this is a bad idea.

Where's Marty McFly and that DeLorean?

Like most children of the time, I enjoyed the first Men in Black movie. I even watched the sequel and learned that a two-headed Johnny Knoxville is almost as annoying as a single-headed Johnny Knoxville.

Listen, I love Will Smith. He’s awesome. I would vote for him if he ran for President, but only if Jazzy Jeff was his VP.

I don’t expect much from Men in Black 3, and the trailers haven’t made me do anything other than think to myself, “Why is Will Smith doing this instead of an I, Robot sequel?”

I will probably be seeing this movie in the summer when it comes out just for the off chance that it’s been so long since the material was touched that maybe it will be decent. Although, if Warner Bros. really wanted to save the Men in Black series, they should have hired The Rock to play Tommy Lee Jones in the past.

Men in Black 3 is coming to theaters at the end of next month on May 25, 2012. Keep your fingers crossed, Will Smith acolytes.


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