Invicta FC Impressions (Update)

Invicta FC Main Event

Last night I spent the hours during the hockey game and race streaming Invicta FC’s first event and have a mixed bag of feelings on the event.

First off, they’re all women. I like women’s MMA just as much as men’s so this doesn’t bother me, plus some eye candy occasionally isn’t bad right? Girl’s who watch UFC think some of the guys look good so guys it’s okay to think these girls look good without being sexist, as long as your comments are “Holy crap what a takedown.” and not “Look as her ass.” The problem with most of these fighters is inexperience the card started off with many fighters who have a losing record and they showed why. So I treated it as I would any UFC event and deducted that the last 5 fights would be the main card and everything else was meant to build talent. Many of the women on this card missed weight badly, which is horrible for a professional organization. President Shannon Knapp needs to look into that. By the third fight I decided it’s better to treat them as undercard fighters while only using the top 5 fights to really judge the top talent of Invicta.


Ring Girls

Only four of eleven fights went to a decision, which is more indicative of the experience range in fighters than overall how exciting it was. I can’t get over the fact that Liz Carmouche fought a girl with only one professional fight, that should have never been put together by the promotion or accepted by the commission. This fight alone devalued most of the card for me showing the need for better match makers.

“Main Card” Results:
Marloes Coenen vs Romy Ruyssen
Coenen UD 30-26 on all judges cards.

Jessica Penne vs Lisa Ellis
Penne TKO in the 3rd round.

Liz Carmouche vs Ashleigh Curry
Carmouche embarrassed Curry TKO in first

Kaitlin Young vs Leslie Smith

Sarah D’Alelio vs Vanessa Mariscal
D’Alelio by TKO in the 2nd

Final Impression:
Sadly, they didn’t plan for the amount of people to stream the event that tried so there were massive streaming issues for many people. I was okay but missed a round in an early fight due to skipping. The beautiful Natasha Wicks one of the ring girls, so they hit a home run in that department Gianna Puppo wasn’t a bad choice either. The announcers King Mo, Mauro Ranallo, and Julie Kedzie were entertaining although Julie was more or less just filler on the team it wasn’t a bad thing. I am concerned with the mat in the cage though. Instantly the mat looked like just slept in bed sheets and had to wreak havoc on the fighters footing. However the issues that are fixable like more memory for the website, and the mat are easily fixable for this young organization. At the end of the day I would say Invicta is about on par with Bellator but still far behind the UFC in terms of being polished. They need more fighters (who can make weight), better fighters and a more in touch match maker. Combine those with fixing the website and the mat and we could be talking TV time before we know it.

Hopefully, Invicta FC 2 gets these issues handled and puts on a great show.


My Twitter interaction with King Mo made me think this came across as comparing the level of fighting to the UFC. That wasn’t my intention just to say for people who missed it that they weren’t there yet. Of course, they aren’t as they are a first time promotion. The point of this piece was to say that they had a good start and with better fighters, and match making it will get better. These are two things that happen over time, I know that but I couldn’t think of many ways to improve them in the actual fighting otherwise.


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