Someone Tell Pekka Rinne He Had A Game Tonight

Mike Smith keeps the Yotes alive.

Phoenix beat Nashville 5-3 tonight, and I have to place a majority of the blame on Rinne. He had an off night, but will come back. Tonight was a rebound fest and neither one of the goalies played amazingly, Mike Smith just played better(still think he’s the best goalie right now). It was a very entertaining game, and the Coyotes are now up 2-0 going to Nashville.

Great hockey has been the M.O. of the playoffs so far, there hasn’t been one game I’ve seen where I’m left shaking my head at a performance. The commentators for Game 2 were fantastic tonight, great pairing of Forslund and Micheletti. Also there weren’t any technical problems this game!

Game 3 in Nashville is make or break. There’s no way Nashville can win 4 straight. If your favorite team is out of the playoffs, or just isn’t Nashville and you’re not rooting for Phoenix, the team without an owner. You should be.


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