Avengers: One Day To Go

It’s almost time.

I’ve seen plenty of midnight showings for movies. Spider-Man 3 being one of them, which was also one of the biggest disappointments of my life. So while it saddens me to be unable to see the first screening of The Avenger’s when it premieres tonight, I’m waiting patiently to see it tomorrow.

This movie has been raking in money overseas since the international release, and we North Americaners must suffer through only one more day. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Joss Whedon brought out the characters in this movie enough to make it not only a slug-fest, but a superhero movie that inspires as well as entertains.

I will be writing up a full review on Marvel’s The Avengers in the next few days. So come back and we’ll see if this movie lays the groundwork for all future comic book movies.


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