Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear Lemonade

Arizona must have thought that Arnold Palmer’s name would draw people in and get them to try Jack Nicklaus’ new drink. Well they were right.

The new drink called Golden Bear comes in multiple flavors Strawberry, Honey and Ginseng, and Mango. All are Lemonade based drinks and the Strawberry one is fantastic. I was waiting to pick up my brother from an over night field trip so I stopped at the store to get a drink for my wait, typically that calls for an Arnold Palmer. This night was different, since I don’t drink the zero calorie version of Arnold Palmer which is all they had, I looked around and then I saw it. Golden Bear Strawberry Lemonade.

There was no hesitation a golfer’s drink when made carrying its full calorie intake has never steered me wrong in the past so it had to be good right?

Wrong. It’s fantastic. I love lemonade and get strawberries in nearly every smoothie I get, and yes tend to eat them too. It was a very nice mixture of the two flavors and I strongly recommend it when you’re at a cross road in the gas station looking for a drink.


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