Strikeforce Barnett v. Cormier Wrap Up

Well, my picks went 2-2. Usually for a Strikeforce show you pick the odds on favorite and go perfect. Tonight was different.

Daniel Cormier absolutely picked apart Josh Barnett, who broke his left hand in the first round. The fight was wildly entertaining I can see Cormier becoming the UFC Heavyweight champion, but I really see his best shot slimming down a bit and going to 205, his wrestling and ability to adapt to a taller opponent shows he has what it takes to beat Jon Jones.

Barnett is probably done with Zuffa following the loss. It seemed as if they were hesitant to bring him back into the UFC even if he did win the Strikeforce tournament. I would love to see him sign a deal similar to the King Mo deal with TNA Wrestling and Bellator. He already is a pro wrestler and the Bellator Heavyweight competition isn’t much but outside of the UFC there really isn’t much to do in the division short of taking one fight here and there in different promotions.

Josh Thompson somehow lost a split decision to Gilbert Melendez. I don’t see how any judge didn’t give the nod to Josh Thompson he won the later rounds without a doubt. Hopefully Josh Thompson gets a call up to the UFC for his performance it was truly stellar no matter how the judges scored it.

Gil Melendez got it right though, he’s losing either way. Nothing comes from beating Josh Thompson because casual fans have no idea who the hell he is, even if he is a great fighter. Gil also needs to be in the UFC. The faster Strikeforce dies the better. It’s holding way too many people back.

Feijao beat Mike Kyle in 33 seconds, that’s all that needs to be said. The guy is an absolute monster.

Sprong defeated Burrell in the first round. Not a complete shock by any means but still a nice win for Sprong that puts him on the map.

This brings us to the Strikeforce banner all together. End it or start new. The commentary team is beyond horrible, the production is a joke, Jimmy Lennon Jr. is perhaps the most boring announcer to exist in MMA, and on top of all that most of their champions are gone anyway with no new signings to take their place.

Anik and Florian would be good replacements for the show, and the UFC production team would be great but Showtime doesn’t want them. I would also like to see Strikeforce switch to a tournament type organization where the winners go on to the UFC. It would be amazing to see tournaments like the women’s one they held which took place in one night. There isn’t enough time in the day to write all the cool ideas they could do. I just hope something changes soon, or they dissolve the entire thing.


One thought on “Strikeforce Barnett v. Cormier Wrap Up

  1. They should make strikeforce a ‘minor league’ if they want to keep it, and make it a resource for great upcoming talent. If that’s not they’re goal, they should merge strikeforce and the UFC.

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