Dwight Howard: First Player Coach Since 1979

He already keeps his uniform on under the suit

Dwight Howard clearly doesn’t like playing for anyone, so the Magic will make him a player coach next season. After firing Stan Van Gundy and Otis Smith were fired by the Magic perhaps leading to Howard being the a player, coach, general manager. That way he can create his own team and put himself in only when he wants.

Officially the NBA doesn’t allow players to be coaches any more, but they cannot force Orlando to hire a coach so Howard will likely be the unofficial coach. There’s no way the Magic chance it by hiring a figure head because he might get funny ideas. Of course, Dwight Howard eventually just wants to leave Orlando, if he can make next season a championship year he’ll likely retire, move to LA and become the coach of whatever team is worse; as he makes a movie about his life.

People question the decision in Orlando, well the 10 fans who are left question the decision. This time next year coach Howard will have everyone back on the bandwagon as they head for the NBA championship.


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