TUF Live Finale Picks

Jake Ellenberger v. Martin Kampmann Welterweight Title Contention

I’m taking Jake Ellenberger to win this fight, his last loss was in 2009 and that was to current champion Carlos Condit. Jake should win by decision or TKO.

Michael Chiesa v. Al Iaquinta TUF Final

Chiesa already beat the favorite in the last round, and has an unbelievable ability to come back. I think Chiesa locks in a choke early and ends the fight before both guys get too sweaty.

Jonathan Brookins v. Charles Oliveira

I haven’t bought into the Brookins hype train; it just seems to not have enough steam. Oliveira is looking at putting himself in top competition again and should take this fight. I expect a third round finish.

Pat Schilling v. Max Holloway

I’ve only seen both of these guys fight once, and they both lost. No idea why this is a main card fight. However I’m picking Schilling based off his record of finishing every fight he has won, and only being finished in a loss. Holloway has only finished one win, and got finished in his last fight.

Justin Lawrence v. John Cofer

Justin Lawrence looks to be better than Cofer in most aspects of the fight, if it goes to the ground anyone has a chance against Lawrence, but on the feet Lawrence is a killer.


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