That’s My Boy Review

Video: NSFW Language

Premise: The movie is about a teenager (Adam Sandler) who has sex with his teacher and gets her pregnant. Then dealing with their strained relationship when the kid (Andy Samberg) is much older, and of course embarrassed of his past.

What They Aimed For: The movie was meant to be an outlandish comedy, and it does a good job at that. I haven’t seen an Adam Sandler movie since Funny People, which was nothing like typical Sandler. This one was over the top, but I thought it was still good. While the plot is overly predictable as each little bit begins to unfold there is a outlandish joke that doesn’t make it so boring.

Pleasant Surprises: The long list of cameo appearances, and personalities who have small yet important parts really stole the film. The group of fuck-ups who were sitting around us screamed each persons name that they knew when they arrived on the screen, so the name recognition is there. Sadly, nobody knew Dan “Jaw Face” Patrick; who’s parts along with the parts of the Danettes really made me laugh the hardest because the personal connection they have all forged with the people who watch and listen to their morning show. If this is Patrick’s last Sandler movie I wouldn’t be at all surprised because he is ready for films, not movies. Vanilla Ice was the most prominent “non-actor” throughout the film and he did a good job.

Crowd Reaction: If you’re a male from 13-17 you’ll die laughing, 18-25 you’ll still laugh but not as much, 26-50 you’ll die laughing again. It’s funny how the level of accepted comedy always reverts. Women didn’t seem to laugh nearly as much as the men in the theater. My girlfriend didn’t like it as much as I did, but it wasn’t a huge difference in likability.

Who To Go With: This movie isn’t a first date movie, because there’s just too many chances to laugh at something the other person will find disturbing. However it is a good movie to go with anyone you have a strong relationship with, because at that point who gives a shit? It’s great for just getting away and being able to laugh at something, but seriously if you go in expecting some life changing movie about a kid who is broken after a teacher relationship; you’re a moron.

Go or Rent: I’d say go if there’s nothing else, which is the case seeing as the competition that weekend is Rock of Ages. I love 80s Metal,but each cover I’ve heard made me want to cry.


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