Does The NBA Really Care?

Amare Stoudemire was fined $50,000 for calling someone a “faggot” over Twitter. It was in a direct message and the user clearly wanted Stoudemire to get into trouble after talking crap to him about his season. This isn’t the first time that the NBA has fined players for using the word “faggot.” I don’t think the care is so much about the word, but more about the linkage between the league and the negative press. If the league wants to show the care why isn’t there a proper message for the support of Gay Marriage? A $50,000 fine is nice and all but what does it accomplish? If you want to show you care for the people affected by this word then support their main cause right now.

I am not saying that the NBA does or doesn’t support Gay Marriage. I am simply stating if they care so much about the word maybe they should put that money to use to support the people it hurts.


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