Bruton Smith More Delusional Than Ever

Bruton Smith said that NASCAR needs cautions. Wait for it… mandatory cautions. Yep he believes that having a caution every 20 laps or at half way would make the races better and would make people watch more. These are all valid points. What he won’t admit to is that the 1.5 mile tracks are the reason for the huge gaps in the first place and are what cause the boring races.

I’m all for heat racing on a Sunday. Qualifying can still take place for the heat races then have two of them run each for 25 laps. Line them up and start the main. I’d even be in favor of shortening races, or limiting tires like they do in the lower series. Heck, I’d even be for a mandatory mid way caution if the field was reset without any penalty for a slow pit crew. The reason I’d settle for these things is… the 1.5 mile tracks. They just aren’t exciting. Road courses lead to tight races all day long until the very end, super speedways are the same, short tracks are dangerous even if the leader has 15 seconds out in front. Cookie cutters do nothing to offer a chance for the guys to actually race.

When Smith is honest with himself then we can be serious about how to fix the sport. 2013 may change everything with new cars, but right now a plan should be formed in case they aren’t the answer.


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