David Fincher VS Michael Bay

So I saw some interesting news about Michael Bay and his creative prowess online the other day.

I know that most kids these days think that Michael Bay is the greatest director of all time and well, that’s embarrassing. I love Bad Boys and Transformers as much as the next guy, but really? Go watch Se7en and Fight Club. Just ignore The Social Network and you’ll like Fincher more.

Artists are always inspired by what’s come before them. It looks like Michael Bay may have been following Fincher’s technique’s a little too closely. My question is: When does something as obvious as this go too far and become a legal issue?

This video was compiled decades after these music videos have been around and there has been ample time to find it and take action against it. Now, we could argue that Fincher wins in the end because he got to shoot music videos for bands like Aerosmith, while Bay had to settle for Meatloaf, but that’s not the point. I’m wondering if in five years someone rips off a scene from a Michael Bay film, if he’ll immediately take legal action against them.

But maybe I’m being too harsh on Mr. Bay. I mean, maybe in five years someone will rip off a scene from a Michael Bay film and David Fincher will get to sue them both.


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