So We Forgot… Magic Mike.

Kevin Nash. Yes THE KEVIN NASH.

Magic Mike was funny. No really it was. The serious parts were horrible, the story line was predictable and all that stuff you’d expect from a male stripper movie, but it was funny. I wouldn’t go and see it again even if it was all girls stripping just because well there will be a DVD soon, or Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Showtime whatever you get the point.

Overall, it wasn’t even the worst money I’ve spent in the movies this month… I’m looking at you Snow White and The Huntsmen. The girls liked it, until it got absolutely too long and ridiculous. Listen, a shirtless guy getting shirtless over and over won’t become more attractive to them, it actually just becomes common place.

If it’s still out and there’s nothing else to see, go for it. If you missed the boat then you certainty won’t miss out on anything by watching it at home.


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