Ed Herman Thinks Anderson Silva Should Retire

A recent interview with MMA Junkie Radio you can see the video in the link below.

MMA Junkie Radio

Here’s why I don’t agree, he hasn’t beaten the best around right now. I’m a huge Chael Sonnen fan, but do I think Munoz or Weidman have a better shot at beating Anderson? Yes.

Stylistically they match up just as good as Chael does, but have finishing ability. Tonight we should be crowning a new Middleweight contender, if there’s a clear winner. If not I believe Hector Lombard is a great fighter and deserves a shot and Anderson is he gets through Bosetch, who also deserves a fight.

Anderson could retire today and not give the guys who have a real shot against him a fight, leaving him the best Middleweight ever. However I don’t know if “ducking” is something Anderson would allow people to think he did. I hope Anderson doesn’t retire because there are plenty of worthy competitors still waiting around to get their shot, and for them it won’t mean as much to not beat him for the title.

Munoz and Weidman fight tonight on Fuel TV at 8p.m. est.


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