Penn State Should Get Death Penalty Updated 7/13/12

As more and more come out about how much Joe Paterno and company knew about Jerry Sandusky it’s becoming more apparent that Penn State should get the death penalty in football, if not across all sports. The current players should be able to go to any university they want automatically and not sit out, but the university deserves to lose this aspect of their school.

Other schools have players that get money, or drugs and receive huge penalties, this place harbored child rape. Absolutely disgusting university policy and the cover-up and protection offered to these coaches just shows how little the University has control over the football program.

Edit after the jump

Edit: It seems that Penn State is taking the approach if you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. Listen guy’s we’re not four. You let children get abused by a man because you were scared to lose a football coach. Take the Paterno statue down and suspend your program voluntarily. While the NCAA doesn’t have this in their bylaws for institutional control, the law does. This should be a full blown federal investigation that shuts down everything while trying to research who knew what, and who protected who. I fear we’re not done finding out who exactly knew what.

Edit 7/13/12: The students at Penn State would be eligible for transfer right away, and their scholarships would still stand for academics at the school. To allow the school to make millions of dollars this year after all the money they’ve made over the years is utterly ridiculous. If they do play then they should give every cent of revenue to the victims of this crime.

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One thought on “Penn State Should Get Death Penalty Updated 7/13/12

  1. I don’t think the book should be thrown at Penn State, only the people involved. I just think it’s not fair to the kids in that program who have had nothing to do with this whole thing. Their lives could be ruined because of this. I get that they let a horrible thing happen but I’m not sure what killing the program would accomplish. I guess vindication for the victims but I don’t even think it gives them that. Just throw the book at the actual people involved, not the program. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I really wanna hear what you have to say

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