Strikeforce Rockhold v. Kennedy

Tomorrow night on Showtime we get two title fights in Strikeforce. Rockhold v. Kennedy and Woodley v. Marquardt will settle the Middleweight and Welterweight titles respectively.

With such little promotion for the fight and with Strikeforce seemingly dying, people are wondering why they should care. Well simply put if you like MMA and want to see the guys who will be in the UFC soon, then you’re going to want to check this out. After the jump you’ll get my picks for the night and why each fight is important.

Luke Rockhold v. Tim Kennedy for the Middleweight Title

This fight is important because these two are arguably the top middleweights outside of the UFC. If placed in the UFC I would argue that they’re top 10 if not top 5. Luke has lost one fight, in 2007. Has he beaten the upper echelon of fighters? No, is he good enough to warrant a shot? Yes.

Tim is has three losses on record, most recently in 2010 when he lost to Ronaldo Souza for the vacant middleweight title. Who Rockhold happened to beat to get the title.

These two fighters are without a doubt the best that are still in Strikeforce. This fight should be explosive as both men are fighting for exposure more so than a title.

With that being said, I’m taking Rockhold to win by TKO in the 3rd. If he doesn’t finish the fight then Tim Kennedy should win by decision.

Tyron Woodley v. Nate Marquardt for vacant Welterweight Title

This fight is for a vacant welterweight belt. Woodley is undefeated, he looked impressive early but recently has been decisioning opponents. This is probably due to the fact that Woodley knows he can win and not worry about getting knocked out by wrestling everyone, rather than necessity. At this point it’s about staying unbeaten until UFC absorbs Strikeforce.

Marquardt however, hasn’t fought in over a year due to high levels of TRT and bad contracts with shady promotions. This is his first welterweight fight. Nate has had a long career in the UFC and if you’re a fan well here he is.

I think Woodley wins this one, by decision or TKO. Marquardt has a lot of ring rust and hasn’t ever been at this weight. Woodley is explosive and should take this.

Keith Jardine v. Roger Gracie

Why to care? Jardine is awful now, but Gracie isn’t too great either I think Gracie wins this easily. I can’t for the life of me think of a reason to watch this other than it could always be Jardine’s last fight.

Robbie Lawler v. Lorenz Larkin

Lawler rarely goes the distance winning or losing. Larkin is looking to prove himself after getting knocked out by King Mo, who failed a drug test afterwards so it’s not on his official record.

I have Larkin winning this fight.

Also prelim fights will be on Showtime Extreme.


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