Bands are People

As Cities Burn Via

Recent twitter outrage has baffled me regarding bands that I spent a major amount of my teen years listening to. As Cities Burn and Emery both “Christian” bands have been accosted by fans for everyday things like drinking beer, and saying “dumbass”. We need to realize that these bands aren’t Christianity they’re people.

First off, the followers who are quick to show outrage. Yelling at them for not being “real christains” and other non-sense. These guys never claimed to all be Christians. Maybe the singer says we do what we do for Christ. He speaks for himself in the end.

Second, since when is drinking beer breaking any code in Christianity? The guy this religion believes in (Jesus) served wine instead of water, which would have been better for the body.

Third, What is cursing? Go to any country or region in the world and they’ll have a different view of the appropriate language that should be used. To harp on someone for saying words that don’t mean anything to you personally shouldn’t effect you. If I call person A an idiot, then person B has no right to be angry about it if person A isn’t.

Lastly, I took a bible as lit class. I know it says you shouldn’t judge anyone. So good job practicing what you preach.

All in all, these guys make music. If you like it listen to it, if not then don’t. You shouldn’t listen to someone because they believe a certain way, just as you shouldn’t not listen because they don’t believe the same way. People aren’t horrible because they drink beer and joke with their friends. They’re horrible people when the commit crimes and become morally bankrupt. A sense of realism would be nice to see.


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