Batman Tragedy UPDATED

While we don’t normally do just news here, this is worth it.

A man walked into the midnight primer of Batman in Aurora, Colorado wearing a gas mask of some sort and released tear gas then proceeded to shoot 64 people in the theater. 14 are dead, 50 are injured. Some of these people are very young, I just heard a woman on the news say a 3 month old was shot and is currently alive. It’s being reported that he had more than 1 gun on him and this is possibly the reason why he was able to shoot so many people.

Movie theaters let people go to movies like these dressed up to have fun, this guy took advantage. It’s being said he didn’t put up a fight with officers detaining him. This is fucking sickening. Currently they’re showing officers on the news at his apartment complex trying to find the best way to get into his place. He already lied about having bombs in the car. He claimed to have explosives at his apartment.

RIP to all those killed today. This isn’t supposed to happen, the human brain doesn’t process properly while in a movie. Most people were probably unable to discern reality from fantasy. We live in a fucked up society.

As of 8:01 A.M. EST the death toll has been down to 12. Still too many, 12 too many. Some people were counted twice.
8:25 A.M. EST 38 hurt now. 24-year-old James Holmes is the suspect in custody.
9:19 A.M. Deadspin has posted an article about a victim, who was an aspiring sportscaster. Including a blog post of hers in which she just recently escaped a shooting somewhere else. Really sad stuff here.
More updates after the jump

It seems that someone in the first row received a phone call before the movie and then opened the side door so he can come in. However it is no being confirmed that the gunman wasn’t the one who opened the door and simply walked out. Whoever propped open the door, the gunman or a friend had a very planned out thought for this.

He walked in through the side door and stood in front the the screen while throwing tear gas of some sort. Then he shot once in the roof, then opened fire on the audience. The day is young the slain victims that died on the scene 10 of them are still in the theater while an investigation is being preformed.

As police broke out a window to get access to the gunman’s apartment they were weary of explosives. Apartment is lined with trip wires, and could take hours to days to complete the search.

Police Chief stated 71 people were shot.


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