NASCAR The Game 2012

Some videos have been released showing off the game play for the new NASCAR game. The game looks good, but sadly won’t be released until the season is either over, or almost over. In addition to nobody wanting to play a game that will be outdated in a matter of weeks, or perhaps already outdated the lack of improvements is worrying.

I bought NASCAR The Game 2011 to be sorely disappointed when there was no possible way to work my way onto a real NASCAR team. The lack of a full roster was rough, and this year they have failed to include Nationwide or Trucks while also ignoring the fans want to drive for a real team. In a NASCAR season you race for your made up car and race team, with no hope of getting to the big time of Gibbs or Childress and without even having the possibility of racing for Phoenix Racing.

Every other sports game has a point where guys can leave and shuffle around. I don’t think building this into the game would be too hard. Contract years come up. Heck even expansion of teams could happen every once in a while, or contraction for that matter. How cool would it be to be able to not only be in the number 24 when Gordon retires but also be in the 24 with sponsorship from Home Depot because their contract was over with Gibbs.

Not being able to race up through the Trucks or Nationwide series really takes away from a natural progression of the career that is most typical for the NASCAR driver. I was so upset with the first iteration of this game I played it sparingly before trading it in. Without improvements in the game modes and with the release date being so late it looks like another season without a NASCAR game.

I’m not saying to skip this game based on this, but I will be.


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