GSP Next For Silva?

According to multiple sources Anderson Silva’s manager has stated the only fights that make sense for the Brazilian are Rich Franklin and Georges St.Pierre.

Two years ago every fan of MMA would have been out in the streets cheering the potential fight between G.S.P. and Silva, but now the effect just isn’t there. G.S.P. needs to fight Carlos Condit in order to free up the Welterweight division and Anderson Silva’s biggest challenge now lies in Jon Jones. The St.Pierre v. Silva fight would more than likely happen at 180lbs, however St.Pierre could consider a permanent move to the Middleweight division as I’m sure with some time off he’s put on some weight.

The super-fight might happen, but it’s not the one most fans are looking forward to anymore.


9 thoughts on “GSP Next For Silva?

  1. GSP is coming off an injury. And he needs to prove he is still capable of fighting in the UFC. I am not saying he isn’t an amazing fighter I just think he needs to have a couple more fights before he is ready for silva. Even then I feel like Silva would pick apart GSP if they were to square up.

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