Nick Diaz Calls Out Anderson Silva

Really? This fight has no reason to be made. Diaz lost in his first real competitive fight in the UFC, then he calls out the champ in the division above him.

The reasoning is that he can’t fight for the title right now. That means you fight to get your shot. This fight doesn’t interest me in the least. Silva will not come down in weight to meet at 180 and at 185 Silva will be much bigger and should handle this easily. Diaz’s striking wasn’t the best with a guy who didn’t just walk forward. Anderson Silva won’t just walk forward.

This is probably a call to reclaim relevancy. It shouldn’t happen. Only hardcore Diaz fans would want this fight. I’d rather see Diaz fight a welterweight contender and then go after whoever the champ is. Maybe the medical marijuana is working a little too well.


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